About Us

About Us

The strata management team you can count on.

You’ve paid your levies. We’re here to do the rest.

You’ve paid your levies. We’re here to do the rest.

Maintaining your building is important as it helps your asset stand the test of time. Through consistent and proactive maintenance, we help OCs stay on top of day-to-day fixes and minor issues so they don’t become bigger problems.

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We stake our reputation on our consistency, innovation and reliability as a complete strata management solution.

We know that each building and Owners Corporation have their own needs, so we take the time to meet with you and uncover your specific strata management challenges. We offer a customised building solution to suit your needs, including a dedicated team to manage your investment each step of the way. We consistently strive to build lasting relationships with our clients as we continue to manage your building and strata titles for years to come. Based in the heart of South Yarra, we are proud to manage some fantastic building communities throughout the inner city and greater Melbourne area. We pride ourselves on our longstanding relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning.

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We stake our reputation on our consistency, innovation and reliability as a complete strata management solution.
Our Team

Your property is in experienced hands

We have an extensive understanding of Victorian strata legislation and are across any updates as they arise.

As a member of the Strata Community Association (SCA), we’re on hand to provide clarity around requirements and help you make informed decisions.


Christian Numa

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Christian is the director of both Amity Property Group and Amity Strata Management, having grown both to being industry leaders in property. Christian is a licensed Estate Agent, Auctioneer and has built his entire career around property, with a particular passion for apartment buildings. Christian has built a reputation of transparency, honesty and high integrity. His philosophy for Amity is simple: “We care for your investment as if it's our own.”

Senior Owners Corporation Manager

Eugene Lee

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Eugene possesses a passion and enthusiasm for strata management. He brings a strong set of skills to the role with an MBA (Hons) and extensive finance, engineering and technical field knowledge. Eugene is also a Certified Estate Agent with many years in both Residential and Commercial Strata Management. For Eugene, the most important parts of strata management are communication and compliance.

Owners Corporation Manager

James Ma

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With a wealth of experience in Owners Corporation Management, James Ma, a skilled multilingual strata manager, brings a rich professional background. Prior to joining Amity, he gained valuable expertise in legal, administration, and human resources. His approachable demeanour further enhances his ability to effectively serve property owners and stakeholders, ensuring efficient and impactful service

Owners Corporation Assistant

Patricia Rojas

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Patricia is an experienced Owners Corporation manager with an VIC Agents Representative Course completion and over 15 years spanning Marketing, Advertising, and Law, Patricia excels. Her dual strengths in experience and client-centered ethos create a synergy that amplifies the quality of service provided. With a remarkable background and an unshakeable dedication to helping others, Patricia stands as a beacon of professionalism and genuine care.

Lead Accountant

Nushrath Hamza

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Nushrath is a highly experienced accountant with close to a decade of experience in owners corporation accounting. His biggest strengths are his accuracy and attention to detail - qualities key for any accountant! Nushrath believes the key to effective strata management is transparency between stakeholders to ensure a quick turnaround on any job.

Our Services

Choosing a strata management company is a big decision. We offer a no-obligation assessment to all our prospective owners corporation clients so we can evaluate your building’s unique needs, and you know exactly what to expect from us.

We offer a full suite of Strata Management services to best suit your unique buildings’ needs. From the day to day running of your building, to the broader management of strata titles and bylaws, the team at ASM can create a customised solution for your owners corporation community.

We have been working alongside developers for many years, giving them the advice and support they need with their Owners Corporation arrangements, so they can complete their projects and get to market smoothly and efficiently.


Many Of Our Clients Have Been With Us From The Beginning. See Why.

"Eugene Lee. I would like to personally thank you for your professional and responsive approach in the management of our building. I have been here since Amity took charge 10 years ago . We have had three different managers. You however have made the effort and showed you are well above the rest. Thank You and I wish you all the very best. Keep up the great effort."


“The Body Corporate manager is very attentive, proactive and responsible. Every time I have an issue (hot / rain water, cleaning and lift issues etc), he straight away take necessary actions to solve the problems. Very responsive and always do follow-ups until the problem is fixed.”


“Living on my own properties my whole life, purchasing and moving into an apartment building was a little daunting and new experience. However Amity have made this experience an absolute breeze. If there have been any issues, concerns or questions regarding my apartment they have quickly replied, called, or fixed whatever it may be. The OC Manager is also fantastic and has responded several times outside business hours which is always reassuring as a owner / tenant.”