Strata management you can count on

Strata management you can count on

At Amity Strata, we stay on top of all the little things so they don’t become big things.

Protecting your asset

Our top priority is to help ensure your asset stands the test of time. Through consistent and proactive maintenance, we stay on top of day-to-day fixes and minor issues, reducing the likelihood of bigger problems.

Making a plan of action

We start by conducting a thorough audit and provide a detailed report on any issues we find with repairs, finances, documentation or compliance, along with a plan of action to rectify problems.

Managing finances

We handle budget preparation, levy collections, statements, bill payments and accounts reconciliation to ensure there are sufficient funds available to cover planned expenses.

Strata Management

Keeping you in the loop

We issue meeting notifications, convene the AGM and committee meetings, attend and chair as needed, and distribute minutes afterwards so all owners are up to date.

Taking care of the paperwork

We manage all Owners Corporation obligations to maintain and update registers and keep accurate body corporate records. Your strata manager is on hand to provide clarity around requirements.

Maintaining insurance cover

We arrange for insurance quotes and valuations as needed, and make sure your Owners Corporation is protected by the right cover.

You’ve paid your levies. We’re here to do the rest.

We believe you and your community deserve to enjoy your investment free of worry. That’s why we hire experienced strata management staff to protect your asset and deliver on our commitment to customer service.

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